Gimmick Advertising

My family has been in the flooring business for 40 years.  While a myriad of things have changed over the years in all aspects of the flooring business, both good and bad, one of the most frustrating is “Gimmick Advertising”.   As the industry becomes evermore competitive many have turned to this form of advertising in an attempt to lure the customer by thinking they are getting something for nothing.

There is not such thing as a free lunch

Very little in this world is “free”.  One of the exceptions is not carpet or flooring installation.  I’m sure you have all heard or seen retailers advertising “Free Whole House Carpet Installation”.  Ok so let me get this straight.  At least one skilled laborer, maybe two, and a helper are going to come to your house, work all day and do it for free?  Hmmm.  I have had the pleasure of knowing some really good installers who are even better people but guess what?  Non of them will work for free.  So it stands to reason that this cost is just “worked in” in other places like the padding for example.

50% off sale

“You better hurry time is running out if you want to save 50% on your new flooring.” I love this one.  If they can routinely give 50% off what are their typical margins?  I have never made 50% profit on a flooring job so I am sad to say I cannot and will not be able to offer you 50% off.  I can however beat the pricing on equivalent goods and services of those who do offer 50% off 90% of the time.  Sorry for all of the percentages.  Once again all they have to do is start sky high and they can make this look like a sweet deal.  That is unless you are wise enough to seek a second opinion.

Buy one room get the other for free

Well this sounds great.  Almost like 50% off right?  Well then I want to buy the small rooms and get the big ones for free.  What I can’t do that?  Could they be inflating the price of the paid for room or rooms?  I don’t know but it sounds fishy to me.

Free Carpet, Free Pad, Free Labor, Free……………..

It has become a race to the bottom.  Who can come up with the most crazy off the wall promotion and get people to believe they are getting something for nothing.  Ok here goes.  Toth Carpet and Flooring is offering free carpet, free pad and free installation.  Hurry up before you miss out!!!!  Oh and tack strips have become really expensive they will cost you $2,499.00 for this job.

Dare to Compare

In conclusion don’t believe all of the BS.  These are tricky ways for these companies to weasel their way into your house and oftentimes they are hard to get out of your house.  Many are really hard closers.  “Oh wait let me call my boss I think that one is on sale”.  Moral of the story please get their prices and tell them kindly you will get back to them and shop around a bit.  Flooring is not cheap.  This is not a decision you should make spur of the moment because the “sale is over tomorrow.”  If not ourselves get a second opinion from a reputable family owned small business before signing on the dotted line.  I think you will be glad you did.